Jump start your business with Search Engine Marketing

Jump start your business with Search Engine Marketing

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Standing out of a crowd on the internet is no easy task. Since all competitors leave no stone unturned in bringing their A game, outranking them gets a bit tricky. To keep up, and eventually surpass other businesses, you need to build a creative and concrete search engine marketing strategy. Wondering how to do that? Well, all you have to do is give us a call!

Search Engine Marketing basically entails outranking competitors on the SERP through various specialized techniques to gain maximum traction. We can achieve this by bringing about a balance between ranking on search engines and increasing brand awareness through other digital channels.

Search Engine Marketing gets you quality leads, not just clicks.

Search Engines pave the way to connect with best quality leads. More often than not, a user looking for a product or service that fits your business will make the purchase spontaneously if the right product is visible to him/her with all the relevant information.

  • Paid Search

Going by the idea mentioned above to acquire ready-to-buy leads, paid search marketing works wonders. By doing the right keyword analysis with respect to your business and offerings, comprehensive analysis of your competitors, and appropriate placement of pages, we can see a boost in click-through-rates as well as conversions. Paid search campaigns have quick and high return on investment compared to other marketing strategies, which gives all the more reason to implement this opportunity.

  • Shopping Campaigns

Shopping campaigns work perfectly well in case of e-commerce websites as it increases visibility of your brand and product on the search results page. We can help you in doing the necessary keyword research and ensuring each of the products offered on your platform has SEO-friendly texts, high-resolution images, relevant descriptions, and compelling text to pop up on a prominent place on Google or other search engines.

  • Search Engine Optimization

If you are not looking on immediate responses and are willing to invest time on creating steady organic traffic, we can help with that too. Our expert SEO team will analyze your website and suggest modifications with respect to the layout, content, keyword insertion, etc. so as to bring in traffic to your site and eventually lead to conversions.

The SEM journey Eilafashion goes something like this –

  1. Research

We will, first, gain a complete understanding of how your business works, your product/service offerings, and your mission. We will then analyze how your current marketing, SEO, and paid campaign efforts are performing. This will help us get a deeper understanding and material to work from. If you’re a newbie in the industry and need us to start from the scratch, we would be all the more excited and invested in the task because we love taking charge of all things related to marketing.

  • Targeting

Once we have a thorough understanding as to what needs to be done, we will go ahead and start targeting keywords. This will mean creating campaigns where the message on the paid ad dynamically fits relevant searches and matches the content on the landing page too. This will help reach out to a specific audience who are on their toes to buy what your business has to offer.

  • Reporting

Once the strategy is finalized and campaigns are made live, we will closely monitor the performance of all the campaigns. We like to create several campaigns to avoid duplicity that could cause fatigue in users. We will create reports of all such campaigns on a monthly basis to provide a breakdown of the performance and present insights that will be helpful in the future.

  • Constant Optimization

With marketing, there is always room for improvement. Based on the performance report, we will work on optimizing each of the campaigns to maximize conversions. Thus, the efforts of the entire team will pay off with increase in revenue to your business.

For expert guidance on search engine marketing techniques, get in touch with us ASAP!

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