Email Marketing services that will boost your sales

Email Marketing services that will boost your sales

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No marketing strategy is complete without email marketing, right?

Email, though a traditional medium, still remains one of the most popular platforms to carry out digital marketing campaigns. This stems from the fact that people prefer emails as they signed up for it and would prefer having news about, say, last minute deals, promotions, loyalty programs, etc. in their inboxes.

From the business point of view, email marketing is considered a no-brainer because email campaigns require little or no investment. The results procured through the efforts, however, are very significant.

Email marketing can do what social media can’t.

Social media has made digital marketing a lot more exciting than it used to be – with creativity splurging on grabbing the attention of social media users. While social media is a great way to make your brand visible, here’s what email campaigns have to offer:

  • Emails make it possible to get the word out about exciting news, be it about a new product or promotional coupon, a last-minute sale, etc. instantly.
  • Our experts will determine what emails should be sent across to which user. The emails sent are made relevant to the reader, making it personal.
  • Social media ads, or posts even, have a limitation in terms of how much content or visual elements you can showcase to appeal to the audience, with emails this is not the case.
  • The emails are targeted based on the customers’preferences and buying habits resulting in higher conversions to the business.

How we do it at Eilafashion

Email is not only about the content we send across. We focus on each of the layers of email campaigns to give you the best results.

  • Research the audience

The first task our marketing experts will take up is to research the audience your brand will reach out to. That will form a basic frame to execute the next step of the process.

  • Curate content

Once the target audience is figured out, we will decide the content in terms of how visual elements should be included and what the style & format of the text should be.

  • Determine frequency and improvise

Based on our understanding of the audience, we will begin pushing out emails to the audience in a specific frequency. We will monitor the campaign by tracking the email open rate, click through rate, leads and conversions. We will then improvise our email marketing strategy as per the response of the audience.

Eilfashion’s email marketing services will create brand awareness, motivate people to buy your offerings, and help your brand stay top of mind. Our drip campaigns will ensure a regular and systematic flow of relevant emails to prospective customers. Boost your sales with our top-of-the-game email marketing services with our expert marketing team.

Reach out to us today for a more info on email and other digital marketing services.

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